miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2016

Amy Winehouse Foundation

Last week I noticed Amy Winehouse's Youtube account had uploaded a new video and I thought "there is no way she has released a new song!. Then, I clicked on the video, and realised that it was Back to black, one of her most famous songs. I was confused at first, but as soon as I red the description box I knew what it was all about. Amy Winehouse Foundations decided to create a new album with covers of Amy's songs in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release, which is an amazing idea to honour Amy and to raise founds for the foundation.

Amy Winehouse was one in a million. She was an incredibly talented artist with an unique voice. However, she was a very inestable person. Drugs and alcohol destroyed her career and eventually destroyed her too. Therefore, the goal of this foundation is to educate young people on drugs and alcohol misuse to avoid ending up like she did. They give conferences at high-schools and promote different initiatives to concern teenagers and support them through music among many other things.

If you haven't listened any of Amy's songs, I encourage you to give them a go. They help you understand her situation and this whole project, which will definitively help people who are in the same situation as she was.

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