viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

A poem

Shall I compare you to a cloud?
I can see you from the ground
But as I search for you on the crowd
You are nowhere to be found.

Tears try to run from my eyes
As the drops that fall from you.
Though I am trying them to disguise
You know that they are true.

I am trying to reach for you again and again
But the closer I get, the farther you seem.
I am trying to get you out of my brain
But the longer I try, the darker my gleam.

Living in a big city vs in a small town

Living in a big city is very different from living in a small town. I have always lived in a small town, but this year I have moved to Murcia, which has been very difficult for me. That's why I think I am experienced enough to compare both of them.

On the one hand, big cities as are more crowded, there are more things to do. For instance, here in Murcia, there are a lot of shopping centers, etc. This also means that you don't know everyone, and that there is always someone new to meet. However,there are alarming levels of pollution in big cities because of the cars, industries, etc.

On the other hand, as small towns aren't so crowded, there is nothing to do and you already know everyone. Moreover, in smal towns there aren't as many cars and we can actually feel how the air is cleaner.

In conclusion, they both have advantages and disadvantages. But as I said, living in a big city is more interesting since there are more things to do.

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016

Comparing two images

These pictures are very different, but we can also see some similarities. For instance, both are pictures of musicians. The first one is a picture of a punk band and the second one is a picture of a cellist. They all form part of a band, but the cellist's band is known as an "orchestra". One of the members from the band knows how to play an instrument, the guitar, but the musician also knows how to play an instrument, the cello. Another similarity is that they are men in both images and that they are focused on playing music. However, neither the first nor the second shows if there is someone listening to them, but it looks like they are performing a concert. In addition, they are both properly dressed for the occasion. Whereas the band members dress in a more scruffy and informal way, the musician wears a suit. Maybe their music styles are completely different, but they have music in common, which is a universal language able to connect people from all over the world.

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Internet for refugees

Providing Internet to refugees is a great idea. Refugees are men, women and even children who were forced to leave their country because of the war (like we could have to do some day). They abandoned all their belongings at home, and now they can't continue their journey because we don't let them get in Europe. They have already ran out of food and water and they have no choice but to stay at refugee camps under awful conditions and surviving thanks to initiatives like this one.

At first, we may think this is an stupid idea or just a marketing tactic. However, we must consider that these people are totally isolated and that they have no way to keep up with the news or to keep in touch with their families. Their families know that they once left, but now they have no way to know whether they are alive or not. Therefore, if they had Internet, they could contact them, because, unless the situation gets better, they won't be able to come back.

To sum up, I think Internet would be a great tool for refugees, since they would be able to keep in touch with their families and they could be aware of their current situation thanks to the news.

Describing someone: my new roomate

I moved into residence this month and I met Jesús, my new roommate. He is eighteen years old and he is twice as tall as me. He is such an annoying person. He is always interrupting me while I am studying. In addition, he is a liar and he is always lying. For instance, the other day he told me that he had washed the dishes, but when I arrived home I realised it was not true. Furthermore, he is the messiest person I’ve ever met. As soon as I finish tidying the house up, he starts messing everything up again, but he never tidies anything up. He is also a thief. Last time I caught him stealing food from my fridge shelf. I wouldn’t have minded lending him some food if he had asked me, but he didn’t tell me anything. Also, even though I’m the one who should be angry, he frowns all the time. Even when we try to talk about anything, he is so impatient that he just leaves and shuts the door. He is incredibly impolite. I hate living with him and I doubt we will ever be friends because we are nothing alike.

martes, 11 de octubre de 2016


Guernica painting reflects the cruelty of humankind. The pain these innocent victims suffered makes me feel ashamed of myself because I can understand how we let barbarities like these happen all the time. It is because we are selfish and we don't mind these catastrophes until they affect us. Moreover, war is a disgusting way to solve any problem and shouldn't even be an alternative. If we solved all our problems by fighting the world wouldn't even last two days. In addition, this painting perfectly captures the chaos and violence of a war and it makes you feel as part of it. Thanks to this painting we are able to feel the desperation and the agony of an inevitable death upon us as if we were the victims. Even though we think this could never happen to us, we have to consider that they probably thought the same and yet it happened. Therefore, we shouldn't ignore these barbarities as we always do and try to put an end to them.

jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016

Doctor Who

Yesterday I talked about Doctor Who and the TARDIS in class, but no one seemed to know them. So I've decided to talk a bit about it on this post.

Doctor Who is a science-fiction series produced by the BBC. It is about the adventures of The Doctor the only Time Lord left, which were aliens who travelled through time and space using the TARDIS, their time machines and fighting against different villains. The series was first aired by the BBC in 1963 and since then there have been more than twelve different doctors. Each one played by a different actor. In addition, The Doctor never travels alone. He always picks a companion or an assistant, by accident or by design. His companions eventually leave him, and they number more than twenty. Below you can see a picture of some of the different actors who played The Doctor:

Furthermore, a fun fact about this is that a concept was invented to explain the Doctor's different appearance. It is known as regeneration. "When a Time Lord becomes very old or is mortally wounded, his body undergoes a transformation, gaining a new physical form and a somewhat altered personality. This is why you will often see references to, for example, the “Fourth Doctor”, referring to the Doctor in his fourth body or incarnation". (Definition found here:

In my opinion, Doctor Who is one the best series I have ever watched. It is not only very interesting, but also very funny. The Doctor's sense of humor is great, although it is a bit weird. The best part is always the ending, when he always manages to solve the problem and defeat the enemy. Enemies are also a very important part of the show. In every chapter, wherever The Doctor travels to, there is an enemy. Some of his biggest enemies are the Daleks, a race of hostile aliens who exterminated all the Time Lords except for him. These are the Daleks:

sábado, 1 de octubre de 2016

My first week at university

This has been such a hard week. Not because of the amount of homework, which has been rather small, but because I still havent get used to anything. City life. Univeristy. It all seemed too much for me. However, these last days have been so much better, I'm starting to like university. I know it is always hard for me to leave "my comfort zone", but I would have never thought high school was "my comfort zone".

Although I confess going to high school never was my favourite thing to do, I guess I ended up liking it. Being with my friends. That is probably the part I miss the most. But I also miss my teachers. This may sound weird, but this last year some of them were just like friends to me.

I thought I would never say that, but I miss high school... However, I'm sure something even better is waiting for me here, at university.