martes, 11 de octubre de 2016


Guernica painting reflects the cruelty of humankind. The pain these innocent victims suffered makes me feel ashamed of myself because I can understand how we let barbarities like these happen all the time. It is because we are selfish and we don't mind these catastrophes until they affect us. Moreover, war is a disgusting way to solve any problem and shouldn't even be an alternative. If we solved all our problems by fighting the world wouldn't even last two days. In addition, this painting perfectly captures the chaos and violence of a war and it makes you feel as part of it. Thanks to this painting we are able to feel the desperation and the agony of an inevitable death upon us as if we were the victims. Even though we think this could never happen to us, we have to consider that they probably thought the same and yet it happened. Therefore, we shouldn't ignore these barbarities as we always do and try to put an end to them.

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