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Doctor Who

Yesterday I talked about Doctor Who and the TARDIS in class, but no one seemed to know them. So I've decided to talk a bit about it on this post.

Doctor Who is a science-fiction series produced by the BBC. It is about the adventures of The Doctor the only Time Lord left, which were aliens who travelled through time and space using the TARDIS, their time machines and fighting against different villains. The series was first aired by the BBC in 1963 and since then there have been more than twelve different doctors. Each one played by a different actor. In addition, The Doctor never travels alone. He always picks a companion or an assistant, by accident or by design. His companions eventually leave him, and they number more than twenty. Below you can see a picture of some of the different actors who played The Doctor:


Furthermore, a fun fact about this is that a concept was invented to explain the Doctor's different appearance. It is known as regeneration. "When a Time Lord becomes very old or is mortally wounded, his body undergoes a transformation, gaining a new physical form and a somewhat altered personality. This is why you will often see references to, for example, the “Fourth Doctor”, referring to the Doctor in his fourth body or incarnation". (Definition found here: http://www.shannonsullivan.com/doctorwho/begin.html#3)

In my opinion, Doctor Who is one the best series I have ever watched. It is not only very interesting, but also very funny. The Doctor's sense of humor is great, although it is a bit weird. The best part is always the ending, when he always manages to solve the problem and defeat the enemy. Enemies are also a very important part of the show. In every chapter, wherever The Doctor travels to, there is an enemy. Some of his biggest enemies are the Daleks, a race of hostile aliens who exterminated all the Time Lords except for him. These are the Daleks:

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